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Starting to use Phrase TMS was like switching from riding a bicycle to driving a car. We were able to reduce our turnaround time for translations by 80%.

Sergio Llorens González

Localization Manager

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Work with the highest-ranked translation management system on the market to automate translation workflows with cost control and quality checks.

The translation management system for enterprise localization







Reduce translation costs with MT and AI

Post-editing machine translated content, according to CSA Research, is up to 55% cheaper than human translation. Our translation software automatically uses the best engine for each translation job, and our AI-based solution filters out content that shouldn’t be translated.

Manage multiple translation vendors easily

Assign multiple vendors to a translation job. The first one to claim it gets the job—no more endless email follow-ups!

Automate your translation workflow

Reduce turnaround times with advanced automation workflows that teams across your organization can easily execute and scale to meet your localization needs.

Leverage a fully-featured CAT tool for translators

In-context previews ensure more accurate translations.

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Memsource is now part of the all-new Phrase Localization Suite

Collaborate closely with a translation vendor in a shared project. The vendor can add assets (e.g. term bases) and assign linguists. Buyers keep full visibility on the work done in the project.

Real-time checks help translators stick to the terminology defined in your term base.

All translations are stored in a translation memory to keep you from translating the same work twice.